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We are third party contract based pharmaceutical manufacturing company located in Ahmadabad Gujarat; we develop Animal Healthcare products purely focused in Animal Feed Supplements, Herbal based Veterinary Products especially for Cattles, Poultry and Aqua.

About Our Company 

Established in 2019, we started off with developing products focused over nutrition based requirements, a herbal based solution that also aims on long term disease control and solutions. With an extensive hand on research we have developed strong and unique Products such as Mastitis powder to control and eradicate Mastitis; this solution is extremely helpful in evading mastitis before it can completely take place of clinical level.

Energy Booster Liquid to provide High Energy Nutritional Supplements, Multi-gluconeogenic precursors with Vitamins & Minerals. We also provide high quality Mineral Mixture, Calcium Tonic Oral, Liver Booster, Digestion Booster, Antacid Powder, Metabolic Powder, Milk Gain Powder. 

There are several other products that has been developed by Emryn Healthcare through herbal based research which is significant in proving their help for animals. We offer one stop solution to our clients assisting them by offering the final Customized product.

Customer Satisfaction

We have a strong reputation in the industry as a company that focuses on meeting the demands of its customers. We guarantee 100% client satisfaction at all times, beginning with the receipt of purchase and continuing until the orders are properly completed. The following are some significant factors that illustrate our approach to client satisfaction:

  • We fully comprehend requirements of our customers and work hard to meet them in the most efficient manner possible.
  • While serving our esteemed clients, we uphold moral business ideals.
  • We keep our product prices low, which is applauded our clients prefer.
  • We ensure that all customer orders are handled with safety and delivered within the stipulated time frame.

Our Infrastructure 

We have an updated infrastructure that allows us to meet the ever-increasing expectations of our clients. It is built in a modern architectural style and is organized in a way that all operations can be completed without difficulty. Our infrastructure is complemented by a smartly constructed production unit that is equipped with the latest machines and equipment. In our infrastructure, we have a well-organized storage division where we store all items safely and easily offer them to customers whenever they need them. With support of our hi-tech facilities, we efficiently produce a high grade line of Milk Enhancer Powder, Calcium Tonic Oral, and many other products. 
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